Sunday, January 23, 2011

New-to-me skirt and avoiding the "to do" pile

With the kids keeping me busy (and tired!) over the school holidays I haven't managed to do any of the sewing for me that I'd had planned. I'm desperate for some new skirts and dresses. But when I looked through a pile of old clothes this morning and found a lovely A-line wrap-a-round skirt that my friend Catrina had given me, I decided it was time for a quick bit of sewing.

The fabric is a soft light/mid weight cotton with a floral pattern that's quite Japanese looking and reminded me of the fabric I bought to make my red dress recently. As soon as I saw the skirt in the pile I knew I wanted to wear it straight away, and when I realised that it was a bit too long I knew that the cut-off hem fabric would be perfect for a soft fabric belt. I've been wanting to make a simple fabric belt that I could wear with jeans for ages but hadn't come across the right fabric... until now.

So there and then I cut the hem off, hemmed the skirt and sewed up the belt - I knew if I didn't do it straight away it would get left in my "to do" pile by my sewing machine and still be there months, maybe years, later!

The skirt hem I simply folded up twice, pressed, pinned and stitched.

And for the belt I folded over the raw edge, pressed it, pinned and stitched, folding each end into a curve, as I thought this would look softer hanging down than a square edge.

I can't wait to wear the belt but as we have some hot weather on the way it will have to stay in my wardrobe for now... but at least it's not sitting in that poor old ever growing "to do" pile :-)


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