Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not burger

Photograph: About.com

Granted, this is may not appeal to you Northern Hemisphere dwellers who are battling snow at the moment. But for all those in sunny climes, can I recommend this mushroom burger as perfect holiday fare?

While staying with family over the Christmas break, my sister-in-laws found this recipe, bought the ingredients and cooked it for me, and it was fantastic. I realised a while ago that as a family we are not so easy to cook for: there's me as a vegetarian (lacto-ovo: eggs & dairy, no seafood) and then my big girl with allergies to eggs and nuts. So that counts out quite a bit. Though, the Mr would eat an old boot if it was presented nicely! Not once over the years have my inlaws whinged at me for being difficult, and that is much appreciated.

So if you feel like something different (or have a vegetarian coming over!) at your next BBQ give this a try. The flavours balance beautifully, it's easy to cook and looks great too. What more could you ask for ;-)

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Incidentally, this recipe is my staple Christmas day main course. Just thought you'd like to know in case you have a vegetarian coming for dinner next Christmas!


  1. Yum!! That looks delicious! That's excellent that your inlaws are great with your families food needs :) It can be hard work eating outside the house!! My inlaws are great with my milk allergy... though I do feel like the food police sometimes, always checking every ingredient! I hate doing it but it's a necessity :)
    I've been meaning to ask... We like to have vegetarian meals a few times a week... can you recommend are there any good vegetarian or vegan cook books?

  2. Hi Lumina, yes, it's quite challenging having to speak up at times, isn't it!
    I tend to use a few different cookbooks, plus lots of recipes online. I guess the Moosewood cookbook is a classic vegetarian cookbook, and I do a few recipes from it. One of my favourites would be "World Food Cafe" by Chris & Carolyn Caldicott, as it has great recipes from different parts of the world: great curries, tagines, stir frys etc. Must talk to you more about it one day :-) Jo x


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