Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleep shorts for the little boy

I've always put any thoughts of sewing underwear in that mental basket labeled "too hard and why would I bother". Though I know a lot of people do make them. There's a cute kids pattern here, and I remember my mum making underwear years ago.

But with the nights being quite warm here at the moment I thought my boy could do with some little sleep shorts to wear over his nappies with a singlet or t-shirt. And they're just like undies really.

I took a good look at a cute pair of short pyjamas he received as a present for Christmas and realised that the pants were just two pieces of fabric sewn together, with leg edges bound in ribbing and an elastic waist. So I took a pattern from them (see the paper pattern below) and simplified them a bit more by just folding ribbing over the leg openings and overlocking (serging) them.

I used some of the $2 per metre knit fabric I bought a while ago to use for my DIY t-shirts, coupled with some scraps of ribbing I bought in a $2 bargain bag from my favourite fabric shop.

One of my thoughts (not resolutions ;-) at the start of the year had been that I should try to tackle fewer sewing projects this year but do them better. The intent was that this would be more satisfying and the garments would be finished better and therefore last longer... so I've failed miserably here with these quickies! But I know he'll outgrow them in the blink of an eye, and it means I can get onto something else sooner... maybe when these school holidays come to an end and life is that little bit less hectic :-)


  1. These are crazy, crazy cute! And I really like your philosophy of sew better, not more. Great job!

  2. They are really gorgeous!! I'm sure he will look super cute in them :)


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