Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Quilt for my boy

At Christmas time one of the kids' aunts presented us with this lovely quilt she'd made for our little boy. She had previously made one for each of the girls which they've loved playing with, using them for putting dolls to bed, making cubby houses and sleeping under.

I have quilt-envy of my sis-in-law because I am so quilt challenged. I'm scared to start my first one, though I have ideas of what I'd like to do... one day! There's an incredible amount of hand stitching in this lovely quilt that must have taken ages to complete. I'm grateful to have lovely quilts in the house without the stress of trying to make them myself!

When I placed this new quilt on my boy in his cot for the first time I got that lovely feeling you get when you use something that's made with love and care. It made me think that there should be a name for that feeling. Any suggestions? Whatever, it's a lovely feeling and I think reinforces the theory I subscribe to that it's good for the soul to live with things you love.


  1. Full-upness. Belovedness. Embracedness. (I know what you mean.) xx

  2. Happiness? Really a beautiful gift and I know what you mean about things made from the heart!


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