Thursday, August 11, 2011

Finished sev[en] circle

I almost can't believe I've finished knitting my sev[en] circle! All the reviews I read on Ravelry said it was a joy to knit, and I was a little skeptical as I'm such a newbie to knitting and thought it might be frustrating, but I've got to say I loved knitting it. The pattern designer, Kirsten Johnstone of Assemblage has such beautiful style. Check out her patterns on Ravelry if you haven't already.

And wearing it is just as good. I love the slightly crazy design (mine looks quite medusa-like to me). And it's so warm. It bunches around the back of my neck (great for those with short hair like me) and then drapes around the neck and chest.

Happy as I am with it, I did make lots of mistakes on it though - little holes (missed stitches??) all over the place, one section where I must have accidently twisted the needles and a totally weird bit that looks kind of stretched!! Oh well, hopefully those will lessen as I keep practicing ;-)

I'm looking forward to making another, now that I know how to do it. Next time I'd like to do one section in a contrasting colour. Still, I'd better not get too cocky... feeling slightly clever at having worked out this pattern, and keen to keep knitting, last night I tried to start another of Kirsten's designs, the Looped-Loop, and totally stuffed up the provisional cast on, even with the help of YouTube! Oh well, back to the drawing board on that one!

More creative spaces to gaze at over here.


  1. Looks great.Am loving neck wear at the moment. I shall have to check out the pattern.

  2. oooh, it looks great ~ and maybe the perfect level of warmth for hopefully the last bit of winter! nobody will notice the odd hiccup :)
    love your haircut too!

  3. Thanks girls! And thanks Belinda on the haircut ;-) I think my hairdresser's bored with me, she keeps trying new things out.

  4. It is a fantastic pattern. I've made it too and I love how different wools give such a different effect. Maybe you can see the flaws in yours but the overall effect is great.

  5. Very stylish. I love the colour and I don't think anyone else would notice the mistakes.

  6. It looks so excellent... it's great to see a different take on the scarf look... love it!!

  7. That looks great! Love it.

    Off to check out the pattern! And just remember that most likely the flaws are only noticeable to you. Now else really notices the little mistakes.

  8. I love it. Are you addicted to knitting yet?


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