Friday, April 29, 2011

Finished schoodie

Anyone lost a garden gnome?

Over the Easter break I finished the hooded scarf pattern that I won from the lovely Foxs Lane blog (thank you Kate!). It's one of a beautiful range of beginner knitting kits from Australian company Olive and me.

The pattern was very easy to follow and well written. Once I got the hang of it, it didn't take very long to finish and was really satisfying.

The finished product is very warm and cozy, and the hood can be worn down...

Or up, great for hiding ;-)

My only problem with knitting now is that I am head over heels in love with the pattern below, the "Effortless cardigan", which certainly would NOT be effortless for this novice!! So please, knitters out there, tell me how I go from my schoodie to that - what sort of project can I do as a step between? Or do I dive in and Google every step? Help!!

Have a lovely weekend friends.


  1. It' lovely - well done. I say dive right in with the effortless cardy. It would be a really good next project because it looks like a fairly simple knit with mostly plain\pearl stitches and rib. If there is anything you are unsure of just look on utube. Also, if you haven't already you should definitely join Be warned though, it's highly addictive!

  2. Thanks Melinda. Maybe I'll do some reading about basic knitting then just dive in with the pattern. It looks so impressive that I felt sure I couldn't do it, but I guess with a lot of patience I might be able to. And I just joined Ravelry - wow there are some amazing knitters there!

  3. You are so welcome Jo!
    It looks gorgeous in the green.
    I really must make myself one.
    And I say dive in and google.

  4. I have never heard of a "shoodie" before - now I have envy! Love it and you picked a fabulous colour! I hope you master the cardy - it too is gorgeous and would be so versatile. I am no help to you though - have been knitting the same scarf for the last decade! x

  5. Oh it's adorable, love the colour & you look like you're having fun with it too. So great for winter, brrr, it's already here in Canberra. We have beautiful blue skies but chill in the air, so long as you dress for it, we have the most beautiful winter around. Love Posie

  6. That took no time!! Well done.

    As for the Cardigan - I say go for it. Its much easier to work on something that you really like and will want to wear. Google and you-tube are your friends.

    Maybe I'll knit one too and we can have a knit a long lol.

  7. Pretty cool, they sell knit ones with cool hoods @


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