Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter long weekend

Hi, how was your Easter weekend? Ours was spent having a bit of a break from technology (for me at least) and enjoying some family time (when we weren't having tantrums that is - hey, that's a 3 year-old's job, isn't it?!).

We did some of our favourite things:
Went for walks...

built sand castles...

spent ages throwing pebbles into the water...

looked for crabs and other creatures...

and made and ate hot cross buns... (I used the trusty no-knead method and added sugar, spices, sultanas and some choc chips - thank goodness for something edible after my recent pumpkin failure ;-)

Not to mention celebrating my mum's birthday (Happy Birthday mum!), hunting for Easter eggs then negotiating the eating (or not) of those eggs, lazing around in the new pyjamas and plenty of wrestling with uncles and cousins - the kids that is, not me ;-)

I hope you had time to relax and recharge the batteries! What did you get up to?


  1. I love your Easter (letting the tantrum bit fly right by).

    PS. I just received an email from a friend who turned forty last year. I sent her the following with strict instructions to her to wing it back to me...

    I get the sentimental and emotional bit - in spades. However. I hear forty is amazing. I hear it's a new lease on life. I hear that forty is when you discover yourself. You finally have enough experience and confidence in your own talents/beliefs/values to finally sit REALLY comfortably in your own skin.

    Apparently it's 45 that really sucks. That's really old.


  2. Sure does Tania, thank you! I've just got to survive the next couple of weeks and then I reckon it will all be good :-)


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