Monday, April 18, 2011

Cobbled together pyjamas

With the weather getting cooler here, last week I went through the kids' clothes, sorting them into what to put away, what to give away and what to throw away. This is always such a big process, and I end up with bags of clothes all over the place. Do you have the same? Any tips for managing the incoming/outgoing process? The Mr would say 'throw them all out, along with the toys!', but we all know this is not practical, as much as it would be nice to have a clutter-free house!

So while I was sorting I realised that the girls are pretty low in warm pyjamas. And as we are about to go off to visit family in colder climes I thought I'd better address this.

I got out of the stash all the flanelette (yay, stash busting!) and also a pile of long sleeved t-shirts that haven't been worn much because they've seen better days - a little stained, or stretched or pilled - and thought they'd be fine as pyjama tops.

The flanelette fabrics are of complimentary colours, including a lovely soft minty green, so I decided to mix and match a bit and make some new sets up. For the pants I used the Oliver & S 'bedtime stories' pattern (another post on this later), and traced off a couple of different sizes. Then I filed them into paper bags in an effort to keep some sort of order.

And on some of the tops I added some rough applique by cutting out shapes and machine sewing them on, particularly over any stains. I used contrasting strips for the pants hems and couldn't resist also using some ribbon. I got a heap of this lovely satiny lilac colour for just 10c a metre at Spotlight recently, yay!

I've still got a few pair to finish but we're set for our chilly trip.


  1. Frugal and gorgeous :) The little eskimo girls are s cute! I just finished going through all my kid's wardrobes. I sent to Vinnie's any clothes that were too small or ones I had too many of and just sent them to Vinnie's. The less there is the less mess!

  2. Thanks Tania! Yeah, it's a great feeling getting a bag out to Vinnie's, isn't it :-)

  3. Wow they look really cute... it's always so good to be able to revamp old loved things :)


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