Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More on Simplicity 3835

When I recently posted here on my new tops made with the "Made by Wendy" Simplicity 3835 pattern, Fi commented that she wondered what they looked like on (I'd photographed them on coat hangers). It got me thinking about how I enjoy searching the web for pics of real people in patterns I'm considering. I'd almost never choose a pattern based on the sleeve pic - they're never very inspiring. But I really enjoy seeing how others have interpreted the pattern, what fabric they've used and how it looks on. So this is my effort to reciprocate! To any non-sewers out there, I apologise for the tedium :-)

This first one is my favourite, though it's very plain. With all 3 I have made them as fitted as I could given that there's no zip - they pull over the head. I don't think it's meant to be a floaty, roomy design, and that's not the way I've made them as I feel they're more flattering on me this way. I could do with a bit of help in the curve department these days. The fabric seems to work here - not too light or heavy, nice drape. Pictured with my favourite skirt at the moment, these two get worn far too often these days, I'm sure people must think I don't own much else!

Next up is my japanesey Alexander Henry print. As my dress doesn't get out of the wardrobe often it's nice to use the off-cut for everyday wear. You can see here that I've added the back darts in, even though (I think) the pattern doesn't say to - they're meant to be for the dress. I found it added a bit more shape.

And lastly, the voile version, which is not my favourite but looks OK layered for cooler weather if I'm feeling like a burst of colour.

I took these pics over the last week as I wore the tops (not on the same day), so you can see that they're definitely getting lots of wear. This top with either jeans or an A-line skirt is a bit of a uniform for me lately. If I find that I like the dress too, this pattern will be well worth the money... but I think it is already anyway.



  1. They look great!
    I have had that pattern sitting here for a bit. I think you've inspired me to get sewing on it. I need a new uniform too.

  2. You should try it Kate - I can just see one in some of your beautiful vintage cotton.

  3. these (and you) look gorgeous. stylish, colourful and comfortable. i've never been brave enough to sew for myself.

  4. they all look great. not sure which is my favourite but prob the red one. they look way better than the one I tried. Maybe I need to put the back darts in?

  5. Hi,

    LOVE these tops (and the dresses) I'm hoping to make this soon. As the pattern comes in American sizes 4-12, what size did you make? I'm an Australian size 8 (by the looks of things, a bit bigger than you).


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