Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A birthday sleepover part 1

We had a very very exciting event here a few weekends ago, my big girl's 6th birthday sleepover. After a huge party last year where her whole class and other friends were invited the Mr and I were exhausted and there and then decided we'd skip the big party the following year. So we told her she could invite her 2 best buddies over for a sleepover, and of course I had to incorporate some craft, especially considering all 3 girls love to make things.

As soon as the girls arrived big girl delighted in giving them their 'sleepover bags'. Wanting there to be a few fun touches to the evening, I'd come up with the idea of making a simple drawstring bag for each of the 3 and including some things to do with bedtime. It was the element of surprise that I thought the girls would enjoy.

After a bit of thought, the items in the bags ended up being some bubble bath, a lip balm, a torch (for creating finger shapes on the wall & general fun), a treat to eat and a sleep mask, as well as a set of matching pyjamas that I'd been working on for a while:

These are made with the Oliver & S 'bedtime stories' pattern, which includes a kimono style top. I chose a bird print flanelette from Spotlight (very happy to find this amongst all the garish prints!) and for the trim a lilac coloured soft lawn. For the ties I used ribbon in the matching lilac. I love this pattern, it's so well considered and beautifully detailed.

Then for the sleep mask I thought it would be quicker to make them rather than trying to hunt some down (especially as they were just a gimick really and would only be used briefly, if at all). I made them out of some scrap fabric, elastic and pinking shears, and amazingly they turned out pretty well (and were very satisfying to make)!

Tomorrow I'll post the craft activity and cake...


  1. That sounds like a great sleepover, what lucky girls! We're not at that stage yet but from what I've heard, they can take a long time to recover from! Did they actually get any sleep?! I've made the PJ bottoms from that pattern and they were a breeze to make with such clear instructions.

  2. Great idea instead of a party!

  3. They must have been thrilled with their goodie bags!!
    They are so fun.
    bet they had the best time ever.
    I am so excited to see your schoodie.

  4. Thanks girls!

    Anita - it did take quite a while for them to go to sleep and it was probably a bit too much excitement for them in truth. I got a bit of a ribbing in the morning from the Mr who thought I went over the top organising the whole thing :-) And all the girls were super tired that next day. But they certainly did have lots of fun!


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