Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coming over all sentimental

This grand old Japanese lady departed our family this evening, making way for a suave middle aged German gentleman. She's lost some of the lustre she arrived with 12 years ago, but has served us well with loyal service and hardly a complaint, being passed from me to the Mr at a point in our lives when we needed to plaster the back seat of a car in wall-to-wall baby seats and she couldn't quite cope (who'd blame her?!). She even dealt with a run-in with a bus with grace, and took a skirmish with a Woolworths delivery truck in her stride.

I felt extremely sentimental watching her drive away, I think because of what she represents to me: a time in my life when I was independent, I earned and spent my own money, I serviced a loan by myself, I was just me. A relatively carefree time. Before I had a mortgage, a marriage and 3 children. Before we lost my father, and my father-in-law too.

She's seen me through more than a quarter of my life, with its ups and downs. Goodbye old friend, I'll miss you.

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