Monday, May 2, 2011

Bloggy stuff

Thank you for your comments on my knitting post. I think you're right - I should just dive into the Effortless Cardigan!

There seems to be so much going on in the crafty blog world at the moment, I could spend all day surfing and getting inspired. There are sew-a-longs and competitions galore! I thought I'd talk about some of the things I'm excited about at the moment.

• Firstly, my friend Deb, fellow crafter, mum, holiday buddy and formidable iphone scrabble opponent, has finally started her own blog called "Debbie does handmade"- yay! She always has great ideas for kids craft, cooks up storm and knits and sews great clothes, so I can't wait to see what she gets up to (no pressure Deb ;-). Visit her here to check out her very cute sock bunnies.

• I'd been thinking about joining in Rae's "Spring top sewalong" recently (though it's not spring here) and then had an email from Deb saying that she's spied one of my Shearwater Kaftans referenced here on the lovely Fashioned by Meg blog (Meg's a judge). Click on "this cute one" - hee hee, my 5 seconds of crafty blog fame ;-) Unfortunately I can't get into my Flickr account at the moment :-(, so I hope I make the deadline to submit - which is next Monday in case you're thinking of entering.

Make it Perfect Sprout dress

• Kids Clothing Week Challenge (KCWC) is starting soon - commit to sewing for your kids for one hour a day - great for finishing off those projects that have been hanging around for ages. I'm hoping to participate in this again this year, I loved it last year. Top of my list this year to make is the Make it Perfect Sprout dress for my little girl who hates wearing trousers, even in cold weather. Maybe this will keep her warm!

• And there's also the 'Free Pattern Month' over at Grosgrain (see button on the right) where one free pattern each day of the month is posted. I love the tie-sided shorts from Elsie Marley below. They would look great on my girls. Maybe something for KCWC?

Elsie Marley/Grosgrain

And also just thought I'd mention that I've had a bit of a tidy-up over there on the right. Things were getting a bit messy and chaotic (hmm, sounds like my house), so I've grouped a few things. If you're looking for some recipe inspiration or someone you know has an egg allergy, check out my recipes. Each one of them is a tried and tested family favourite. And I've taken a liberty in labeling one of the other groups 'kind-of tutorials'. I've never purposefully written a tutorial, but there are posts where I explain how I've made things like my no-sew scarf. I thought someone might get something out of them. I'm interested in doing proper tutorials one day but just don't have the time right now, so this will have to do in the meantime.

With all these fabulous things to do and places to visit my sleep quota may be seriously compromised in the coming weeks ;-) What crafty goodness are you loving at the moment?


  1. Hehe...I loved your version of the Shearwater Kaftan! So cute in the more geometric print! You should definitely enter a top!

  2. Hi Jo, I'm definately going the do some of these :) I have finally got my new little creative site up and happening "do a bit".. hooray!! Now I just have to dust of the sewing machine and knitting needles :)


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