Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A significant number

I've really procrastinated over this post. What angle should I take? What should I focus on? Do I want to talk about personal stuff or keep it light? So I'll just do a brain dump :-) I've got other stuff I want to post about and just get on with, but it would feel kind of wrong to skip past it and not mention the fact that I had my 40th birthday on the weekend.

We did all the usual birthday stuff: family time, cake and candles, lovely dinner with the Mr. It was all great. I think the stuck thing, though, is about 40 coinciding with entering a new phase of my life. The kids are out of the tiny baby stage and we're not planning on having any more. We're sleeping again! Yay! It's been a while. It's still a while til they're all in school but I need to start thinking about what I and we are going to do to move on in future. Exciting but daunting.

I'm working on my mid-life crisis wish list ;-) What do I want to do, see, be in the next decade. Of course I could just wing it, but I'm a lists girl, I need some focus... now hopefully it will come to me...


  1. **Happy happy birthday Jo**
    Glad you had a great day!!
    The 40's are fab.. though it was a bit daunting at first..who am I, what am I going to do/be etc... but all is good and I'm well into the swing of it now and I've got a jolly great big list too!
    List are good :)

  2. Yah! Happy birthday. I hear that 40 is really fab. Did you see Insight last night? It was all about being forty and apparently there are more 40 year olds this year than any other age so you are in good company!

  3. Happy birthday to you - the 40's are indeed a significant transition point - may the new beginnings be exciting and rewarding.

  4. Happy birthday Jo! I certainly do know how you feel about rethinking one's future. Lists are a good idea - I might try one of my own!


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