Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC progress and plans

This is the second year I'm taking part in KCWC and this year my list is much smaller than last year. This is partly due to not wanting to burn myself out but also because I can't wait to get onto sewing the dress for myself that I cut out on Mothers Day (sorry kids!).

The one thing I did want to try this year is the Make it Perfect Sprout dress for my little girl. I'm using this beautiful Moda fabric, which she chose herself (with a little prompting ;-).

The dress is designed for cooler weather and is fully lined with flanelette. So essentially you make 2 separate dresses and sew them together. The inner dress seems like a nightie as the flanelette is so soft and snuggly. Hmm, sounds appealing - pyjamas as daywear. Wonder if I can adapt it to my size, hee hee.

I'm hoping to finish it tonight as she is very keen to wear it (hopefully she still will be when it's finished!). I also want to get onto the only other thing I'd really like to make, which is a vest or sleeveless jumper made from this fabric:

My mum gave it to me from her stash and I thought it would be very cute as a hoodie for my boy. He'd look a bit like a teddy bear in it, and any opportunity to make your kids look like a teddies is good, right? A sleeveless hooded vest something like this funky one from Trula Kids would be most useful so I'm going to try for that.

The other things we could use are:
• slippers for the boy
• cap for the boy
• leggings for the big girl
• skirts for the little girl

But I think my dress will win over any spare sewing time ;-)Link

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  1. I would love some flannel day wear... ha ha ha!
    I've been looking at knitting M a cute animal beanie.. :D


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