Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewing fatigue

I think I'm all sewed out at the moment. This "Built by Wendy" dress (Simplicity 3835) is the last thing I worked on last week, and, frustrated with it, I decided to have a break. My neighbour commented recently that she noticed I'd been doing a bit of work in the evenings... I was too embarrassed by my sewing mania to admit that it was my hobby, not work! But it did get me thinking that yes, when I sew too much it begins to feel like work. Which defeats the purpose, right?

So the dress will have to wait to be finished. I loved doing the sleeve detail, for the underside I scraped together some of the last precious bits of the Alexander Henry print I love so much (I have a plan for the last little remaining bits ;-). And the main fabric is a lovely bluey-grey linen. But the overall fit is pretty blah to say the least. I need to re-do the zip, take it in a bit, possibly re-do the neckline and put some pockets in (I don't like the ones that come with the pattern).

And that all takes enthusiasm, which has sadly left me. I have been sewing an awful lot lately, almost every evening, planning in my head each day what I'll work on when the kids are in bed. Everything else has been a little, shall we say... neglected.

I can't blame my sewing fatigue on KCWC, the dress for my girl was the only thing I made. Though I did get a kick out of seeing it this morning as one of Dana's favourites on her mega-craft-blog Made :-)

There are plenty of garments I'd still love to sew at the moment. I'd love to make this fantastic kids jacket that Deb made for KCWC, and also her boy's frog pants... I'd also like to have another go at Simplicity 3835 doing the elastic neckline and sleeves but dress length.

But for now at least a sewing break is what I need, and hopefully I'll get my sewing mojo back! Do you get sewing fatigue?


  1. Love the sleeve detail and that fabric looks excellent with the grey linen! Hope you get your sewing mojo back soon... it is always good to have a little break from work :)

  2. wow Jo - favourited (I know it's not a real word) by Dana!
    And yes, I definately get sewing fatigue. But if as you say it feels like work what is the point? I know I sew for the enjoyment, it definately isn't to save money like "in the old days"


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