Friday, May 20, 2011

Stash bustin' no.1: cot set

I've had this green and white cotton print from Ikea in the stash since I was pregnant with my boy. I initially made a baby wrap with it, which I didn't use and now gets put on teddies.

I had intended to make some trousers for him in it but I went off the idea. He doesn't really need any trousers at the moment anyway, but what he did need was a cover for the cot quilt that my mum gave us for him.

So I measured a rectangle to fit the quilt, cut a piece of white flanelette the same size to use as the backing, sewed up 3 sides and put some velcro on the 4th side for easy changes. Then I made a matching pillowcase with an envelope closure.

I wasn't expecting to like it that much, it was just serving a purpose, but I'm actually really pleased with how it looks, and also it's kick-started the Stash bustin' tally, yay! I have a piece of stripy Ikea fabric in the stash that would make another great set so I'm intending to make one in that too, for one on and one in the wash.

This is a happy squeal, by the way!

Have a lovely weekend friends.


  1. I am going to LOVE this stash busting!! I love that fabric. Good old IKEA. Just catching up... xxx

  2. My kids room has that fabric too. We have it as curtains though! I love that line of fabric/accessories. Very cute as bedding.

  3. Very cute... love the bright colour, looks really fresh and happy :)


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