Thursday, May 12, 2011

My creative space - Sprout dress

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I finally finished this dress for KCWC in my creative space this week.

So far my KCWC effort has been pretty average. We've had one illness or another in the last few days, so I haven't been able to put in as much time as I'd like. Each night when I tried to sew I would get called to soothe a small person, dadda just not cutting it in the comforting stakes apparently (unfortunately!). So even though all I wanted to do was sit and sew with some music on and snacks at hand, mostly I haven't been able to.

But I did snatch a bit of time here and there. One setback I had was when I tried the dress on the little girl and realised that I had cut a size too small. She's 3 years old, and generally a size 3, but going into a 4. Without thinking (or measuring) I cut a 3, then started thing that the sleeves looked quite thin.

As she's quite petite though I thought it would be OK. I had to tug it over her head, which she always hates, then it was a little tight under the arms. So I spent my hour yesterday (in about 10 minute increments while tending to sickies) with the seam ripper pulling out seams and then today re-sewing the seams right next to the overlocked edges to get maximum out of the seam allowance. I often find that just adjusting the seam allowance in a pattern is enough to make a difference. It fits better now, thank goodness. I couldn't bear it if that beautiful (and expensive!) fabric went to waste.

I loved the pattern, as I do the other Make It Perfect patterns I've tried, and would definitely recommend it. I was concerned at the start that my outer fabric may not have been heavy enough for winter (it's a quilting weight I think), but once it's combined with the inner dress it's bulky enough, I wouldn't go any heavier. Overall I found it a joy to sew, the only problem being my sizing fault.

And what do you think of my dodgy parenting practice in giving her a lollipop as a bribe (um, I mean incentive) to have her photo taken? Well, at least it matches the print on the dress ;-)

Lots more KCWC pics to be found here.


  1. Wow LOVE it!!! It is SO gorgeous.. the fabric is beautiful! So glad it fit now... Yay!! Nothing wrong with a tasty bribe I say :D

  2. Looks great - love the fabric and the lollipop is the perfect prop. I could do with a flannie dress right now! Too cold lol

  3. Your daughter looks lovely in that dress Jo. Do you think that pattern would work in towelling as a beach cover-up? It's something I would like to make for my little girl as I have some suitable material but can't find a pattern. I bought one last year which got worn about twice due to the rubbish weather so would rather not waste too much money if I can help it!

  4. Thanks girls! Now what's the bet she won't wear it, ha haa!

    Anita, I think you could use this pattern but you may want to do something like not line it but use bias binding around the neck opening & hood, and also I'd make a biggish size so that the arms/armholes are not too tight. Another idea I guess would be to do a simple kimono style with hood - no setting in sleeves etc, just rectangles. Let me know if you're interested but not sure what I mean.

  5. Hi Jo! Your little girl looks adorable in the dress - lollipop and all! Great pattern too. Well done! x

  6. This is so cute. I love the style and the fabric - great work!

  7. Gosh that dress is TERRIFIC! I want one! Also: I thought the lollipop was genius. No judgement whatsoever from over here. I've looked at that pattern on the Made It Perfect site, now i'm really tempted. And last time I cut a dress out from Tilly I did exactly the same thing. Cut it essentially a size too small. Der. Yours looks like it fits well though. xx

  8. I think kids must intrinsically KNOW when we have plans to some sewing - I have had the same problem this week with my youngest!!! Your dress looks great - even despite the issues you had.

  9. That dress is gorgeous. I love the fabric.

    I have the pattern coming in the mail so I can make one for my daughter.


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