Monday, December 12, 2011

Teacher gifts

This year we've been so lucky with my girls' preschool and year 1 teachers (which makes me a bit nervous for next year - surely our luck has to run out soon?), they've been dedicated and attentive, getting the best out of the girls.

I decided to make the female teachers a little zip purse each to say thank you (the male teacher gets a hand made card and a "Mr Men" book to add to his collection :-).

For this one I used a piece of a fabric I fell in love with at Spotlight recently, but have yet to decide what to make with it - probably a dress of some design. I love the Ikat design, with it's vibrant colour (hard to photograph) and cute geometric yet soft pattern. I lined it with a heavy grey cotton, used a chunky metal zip and finished it with a little ribbon for the zip pull. I wish I had time to do a matching fabric zip pull, but ah well, at least it's done and ready to be wrapped, one thing ticked off the Christmas list.

Sometimes I wish I was my cat Sausage... he gets to sleep all day. But then, he can't sew, so maybe not ;-)

• I realised recently that I still have not done a tutorial for these little purses, as I said I would, so I'm earmarking January for that.

How's your holiday making/buying/creating going?


  1. Gorgeous little gift and I love the fabric :)
    Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a cat... but maybe only for one day or maybe two... I really would love to catch up on some sleep and laziness :)

  2. GReat fabric, is spotlight getting better or is it my imagination?!

  3. Those are lovely, I'm looking forward to the tutorial.
    I have always thought a cat would be a good thing to come back as.

  4. These purses are lovely. I've been making some slightly different ones- you've inspired me to add a litle ribbon pull - such a nice touch!


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