Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Screen printed produce bags

While I was screen printing fabric for my beetroot design aprons and tea towels recently I decided I might as well print some more fabric while I was all set up. So I grabbed some heavy weight cotton and cut 2 large squares.

Inspired by a huge cotton shopping bag I use for groceries on a daily basis, I then sewed this large tote, calling it a 'Produce bag'. I'm thinking that like the bag that inspired it, it would be great for grabbing some milk, fruit and bread, which seem to be daily essentials around here. Or possibly a trip to the fruit & vegie markets to load up with goodies.

The straps are strong enough to comfortably carry quite a bit of weight if need be and they're long too, giving you free hands for escorting littlies across the road ;-)

So what was a bit of off-the-cuff inspiration ended up being one of my favourite items. One went to The Sweets Workshop, along with the tea towels, trivets and aprons, and I'm planning to make more in the new year. If only I had time to make some as Christmas presents :-( Oh well, on that note I think I have to admit defeat!

- - - - - -

In unrelated goings-on, my little girl turned 4 yesterday and we had a little party for her on the weekend. There was no notable craftiness to show you, though I did make a 'princess cake' - one of those where the skirt is the cake and then you rip the legs off a barbie doll and stick it in the middle of the cake. It was fun to make and she loved it, but when a friend remarked that she didn't think I was the 'barbie type' of mum it did make me think... the balance became a bit off between letting my girl do and have what she'd like for her birthday (not just the cake) but also keeping a lid on the consumerist girliness. Hmm, something for me to keep in mind in future. This parenting gig is not simple!


  1. Your beetroot design produce bag looks gorgeous.. love it! I'm sure it won't last long in the shop!

    So glad she had a great birthday, wish we could have been there! I think there is nothing wrong with having a bit of barbie cake once in a while :)

  2. this is such a happy print.
    hoping you had a fun day with your family yesterday. thanks for your message :)


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