Thursday, November 24, 2011

My creative space

In my creative space this week I've been busy designing, screen printing and sewing some tea towels and other kitchen goods (and generally indulging in my new obsession with screenprinting :-)

The design is based around the beetroot design that's been in my head for ages and I finally developed for the recent fabric swap.

Earlier in the year I started selling some of my hand printed and sewn things (including my artichoke tea towels) at the lovely Sweets Workshop, which is a fantastic little gallery & retail space selling handmade objects from local and international artists and designers. Emma and John are just the most welcoming and friendly people and I admire the way they support designers and artists and provide a place to showcase emerging designers' work, while also making art and design accessible to everyone. You can check out their website here if you'd like to know more.

So this lot, plus some more things, are on their way there too and will hopefully be well received with their Christmassy colours ;-)

More creative goodness to check out over here.


  1. Love your beets design and love the apron is just gorgeous!! A screen printing obsession can be dangerous, you may need to see someone ha ha ha... love it :)

  2. Love that apron. Off to checkout the shop.

  3. These are so lovely! I absolutely love the beets design. The more I see of fabric printing the more certain I am that i'm going to give it a try one day!


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