Monday, November 14, 2011

The first idea - hard to beet

It's Print Swap deadline today and true to form I've wrapped and posted the parcels on the final day (operating under "the cornered rat syndrome", as my uni lecturer used to call it!).

This was not for want of trying or thinking about it for the past few weeks. With another project in mind (tell you another time ;-) and still stuck on a food theme after my artichokes, I knew I really wanted to do a new beetroot design. But that little voice in my head kept nagging me: "maybe I should do something different... what if my partners don't like cooking/gardening/beetroot... should I do something more girly, even though it's not really 'me'?... maybe I should do something kiddy (all my partners have kids)... or maybe not... I could do something Christmassy..." and so on and so on, until I told the voice to shut up and got on with it!

I did play around with a few other ideas, which may turn into something in future, but in the past I've found that my half-baked ideas often lead to frustration... so for now if was back to the beets.

And now that I've practiced screen printing I am keen to keep going. Next on the agenda is coffee. Food obsessed, me? ;-)


  1. Love the beets, they look really great and so do your other little experiments :) I'm glad my fabric swaps have gone off into to the world too... onto the next challenge woo hoo :)

  2. Look great. Now are you food obsessed? Of course! Everytime we visit we learn some new food thing from you that becomes a household staple. Keep it up!

  3. love the beets! especially the one with them "sort of" in a circle.

  4. Hi Jo! I received your fabrics and I love it, all of them :) Thank you so much! I have been thinking about making a quilt from swap fabrics, but from the moment I saw your beetroots, my mind changed towards the apron. Maria x


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