Monday, November 28, 2011

Jack rabbit softie for Mirabel

I had decided that I was too busy to participate in this round of Softies for Mirabel (see box at right), but then I got a pang of guilt the other day... surely I could spare a bit of time to make a toy for such a great cause.

So I got out my Jack Rabbit pattern from Hop Skip Jump and made this little fella. Again, the pattern came together really well and easily. The new Hop Skip Jump toy book looks devine, by the way. When the kids saw me making the bunny we had a chat about children who may not get much at Christmas and how it's good to do things for other people when we can. That stopped the usual "I want to keep it mama"s :-).

- - - - -

In other goings-on, can I just say that I am so glad that I will not be having another 2 year old in future... yes children are a blessing and all that, but geez, the tantrum tally for today must be going past a dozen. Count to ten, mother, deep breath....


  1. oh, what a great toy drive! i think i can surely manage something... ;) your rabbit is too cute!

  2. awwww... your jack rabbit is really cute!! I'm sure there is a very lucky little person out there who will love it to bits :)
    I have been busy making my softie for mirabel today and was having the same conversation with my little man about other little ones who may not get much at xmas... at least we can do a little bit to help :)

    Hope the tantrums calm down soon... oh dear :s


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