Monday, November 7, 2011

Chocolate pomegranate gift biscuits

My big girl has 2 teachers this year and they're both great. So I didn't want to miss the opportunity to show a little appreciation when I found out that one of them was celebrating their birthday. I wanted to cook something... considered making a jar a homemade harissa, but suddenly had a vague memory of him saying once that he loved chocolate. Perfect! I can do something chocolatey...

While searching for inspiration I saw this blog post about Chocolate Pomegranate Biscuits. I put this on the mental shortlist, along with chocolate biscotti and truffles.

When, just a few hours later, totally unprompted, the Mr bought home not one but three pomegranates, I knew I had to try it!

Instead of using Dana's recipe though, or the original one, I used this egg-free recipe (out of habit/so my big girl could try them). The pomegranate seeds were added last along with the choc chips.

And I used this technique for de-seeding the pomegranates - it's effective and fun!

Of course making a pretty parcel is half the fun of giving home baked gifts. I stamped my kitchen stamp onto a piece of metallic card and wrote our message.

Hopefully the teacher will like them, it's always hard to guess other people's tastes. But for me, crunchy biscuit, gooey chocolate and little bursts of fresh pomegranate juice are a pretty good combo ;-)

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