Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Spinel trousers

Hankering after a new pair of skinny cargo-ish pants this winter, I jumped in and bought this pattern from Japanese company Tamanegi-kobo after seeing them here and here.

I finally got around to sewing them recently. They came together well using a cheapy bit of synthetic fabric ('sharkskin'?).

This pattern is available with English instructions and the only problem I (almost) came up against was my hip measurements going off the chart of the much slimmer built Japanese woman. I used the biggest size and I'm normally an Australian size 10.

I'm really happy with my new trousers and would definitely make another pair: love their 3D knees, top stitching detail, comfy design and styling - just enough attitude without looking ridiculous on a 40 year old mum (depending on your opinion!).

The only problem is... summer seems to have hit us early here, so they'll have to languish in the cupboard til they meet my boots and jackets next autumn/winter. I'll be looking forward to them ;-).


  1. They look great!! Love the knee detail too! Hope the weather cools down a bit so you can wear them :)

  2. You are officially the best sewer I know.

  3. They are cool! Can't belive they were easy to make?! I might just have to buy that pattern,

  4. Gee thanks girls ;-)
    Before you start thinking I'm really clever though I should point out that the waist is elastic and there's no zip so they are easy. I think the biggest challenge is just to find the right fabric, as is often the case.

  5. AHHHHH! SMOKING HOT! I want this pattern! We're going into winter here, can I borrow them for a few months? That would be no big deal, right? Right?


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