Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bubala Etsy shop re-open!

I've been working on building up some stock to re-open my little Etsy shop lately and finally it's done and open - woo hoo! It can be found over here, and with a little preview over there on the right in my sidebar (I love those things ;-)

It's almost 3 years since I shut up shop (pre blog), totally consumed with life with a newborn, an almost 2 year old and a 4 year old about to start school. I knew I would miss my shop, making things, interacting with the lovely customers. But with this new baby I knew not to bite off more than I could chew.

So here I am, having taken longer than I thought I would to get back to it, but re-joining the ranks of all those mums doing what they love, making things for others to enjoy and helping out their families in some capacity, and feeling a bit, well, useful and connected I guess. And it feels great to be channeling my crazy levels of creative energy into something useful that will hopefully be loved by someone else.

I'm planning on doing short runs of items that I love making. I have so many ideas for new products, it's just a matter of trying to decide which to concentrate on first! I'm starting with products for kids at the moment, but if I feel inspired to make things for grown-ups too I'll do it too.
So I'm starting with some favourites that I used to make for my shop (and numerous friends) previously - baby slippers, toys and accessories. With inspiration possibly from the fact that I am about have a new little nephew entering the world any time soon :-)
And also an item we use every day in our house, kids messenger bags.
I have made so many of these in the last few years. Early on I drafted a pattern that works well for us, and away I went, making them for friends as gifts and on request.

All made from fabrics that are bright and fun, as well as durable, being fun for kids and practical for their grown-ups :-)

Feel free to pop over and say hi!


  1. Woo Hoo... Congratulations on the re-opening! It all looks just gorgeous... Love those messanger bags :)

  2. Congrats on the re-opening! Everything looks lovely.

  3. Yay Jo, how exciting! Loooove your kids messenger bags, good luck with it xo

  4. Gorgeous! I just brought those red slippers for my Joy. Thanks so much :-)

    1. Thank you Nicole!! I hope you and your little Joy love them :-)

  5. Hooray!! I love, and have always loved, your wee shoes. Ivy's feet were never as cosy once she outgrew them. So happy to see your shop reopened honey. Hope you're all very well xxx


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