Monday, July 16, 2012

Heat pack sleepy bears

Living in Sydney we enjoy pretty mild weather all year round, though in the middle of winter, as we are now, there's definitely a chill in the air. We don't get particularly low temperatures, but what seems to make it bad is that we're not that well equipped for it and houses are generally not well heated.

After a particularly cold night a couple of winters ago I decided to make my big girl a heat pack to take to bed at night. But not a plain rectangular one like I had (I've been a fan since my mum started making them years ago, and take one to bed each night :-). I designed and made a little teddy shape, embroidered on a face, stuffed it with rice and added a drop of lavendar oil to calm and soothe her.

Then after that first one I made many more over time in different fabrics, some embroidered with initials or names, some in corduroy, or fleece.

Recently a friend asked me to make one for her 3rd little girl (her 2 big girls have one each), and so I thought I'd also make some for my shop. This time I used cotton velveteen and I think it's my favourite ever... natural fibres, breathable and soft to touch.

Ahh, a little bit of comfort on a cold night ;-)


  1. so much better then hot water bottles, you're a genius!!!!!


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