Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you blog? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Pinterest?

What appeals to you in terms of social media? What do you love and what do you hate? I'd love to know...

My pick of the bunch is (obviously) blogging. I love the interaction with other bloggers, crafters and generally liked minded people out there across the world. It's a visual diary, it keeps me creatively on my toes and helps me get and stay inspired.

And I loooove Pinterest. It satisfies my bower bird tendencies but also my Virgo-like wish to be organised. Fantastic.

I like Instagram too. I wish I could remember to use it more, but I think that will come with time. I like the immediacy and the fact that it's a little visual snapshot of a moment in time.

I kinda tried Twitter once but didn't really get it, though I know many people love it. So that's a no at the moment.

And as for Facebook, well... I guess you could say I'm a bit Facebook phobic. It just never really appealed to me and the closest I got to it was when a friend bribed me to join so I could see pics of her kids and new house. So I did join, but so half heartedly that I might as well have not. However, opening my Etsy shop again has got me thinking about the fact that its all one big intertwined platform and that Facebook is such a big part of it that maybe I should take the plunge afterall. Because it's not worth putting things out there if noone can find them, right? Hmm.

Then there's the matter of how much time is spent online. I already get overload at times and have to turn off the gadgets for a bit to clear my head. So do I really need another one?? Because there are plenty of other things to be getting on with in the offline world...

Like this:

And this:

And this:  ;-)

But I guess, as in the rest of life, it's a matter of balance. If you're still with me, please let me know what you think and how you juggle it all. I need some tips!


  1. Hi Jo, I've thought alot about how to create balance in my life since becoming a muma. Time is precious.

    I only like blogging (there's lots of inspiration, good ideas and lovely likeminded people to meet) and pinterest for the same reasons you do. I'd rather call or email my friends instead of using facebook...so I don't have a facebook account. But I think if you had a business, it'd be a good idea.

    I decided ages ago that I didn't want to be the type of muma that is always checking my iphone...so I don't do instagram (or have blogging or pinterest on my phone either). And then every once and a while I turn my computer off for a few days.

    Thanks for this post...it's reminded me to turn my computer off again ;-)

  2. I like blogging and pinterest for the same reasons you mentioned too. I haven't figured out the point of twitter yet. I do find facebook very useful for promoting the blog though. Most of my followers are through facebook. They also sent me a $50 advertising voucher and I got a lot of new followers using that...didn't cost me anything. I would say that fb is worth the time. I only ever add a link when I put up a new post so it's not a time drain.

    Also - does your boy love his scooter? We got one for Roman for christmas, I can't wait to see him on it, even though he's probably a bit young!

  3. Ditto to all your thoughts there Jo. I'm sure FB is a very effective marketing tool, if only I could figure out how to use it effectively................

  4. Oh dear... Am I THAT friend? lol I love instagram. I like blogging. I don't get and never joined twitter. I like pinterest and I like Facebook for sharing photos with family and friends. Its easy. But I haven't linked my (private? haha) Facebook identity to my (more public) blogging persona. I'm sure I'd get more readers but they aren't really my target audience and would be looking to be nosey! lol Each has their place I reckon.

  5. Will I look like a total luddite if I confess I don't engage in ANY of those things? Obviously I love to read blogs like yours, and I religiously read a whole list of them every day. Just can't quite get my head around putting my 'own' self out there.

  6. I suspect I like the slightly more formal nature of blogging. There's time for me to compose my thoughts, even let a post sit in draft for a few days if I'm not sure exactly what I want to say. Reading blogs is a pleasure because I can go and find them when I have time.

    Twitter is just too off-the-cuff; I feel as if a bunch of people are constantly storming into my room, shouting a sentence, and storming out again. There's a constant pressure to not miss anything - with blogs you can catch up months later! That said, I like Twitter for news and links. I've pruned my Tweetdeck lists to people who link to articles, which is probably very antisocial of me.

    I have gone back to minimal tweeting, as I found my blog readership dropped significantly if I didn't tweet that I'd blogged... I know, right?

    I love love love Pinterest, and not least for it's introverted social aspect. I can follow people without having to comment, I can share things without having to have anything to say about them. It's quiet. It feels like a library on the internet ;)

    (Facebook - it's ugly. I can't use it, and I've tried.)

  7. I had a post about facebook a little while ago now - http://spytheharriet.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/facebook-and-why-i-hate-it-and-why-i-am.html


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