Monday, March 11, 2013

Back to it

The craziness of children starting school and preschool is finally starting to settle here in our household, and so at last I have been able to get back into some screenprinting.
Whilst trying to work out how to get back into paid work (with all the challenges it brings for me and the family) I'm planning on bringing to life some of the many design and product ideas I have swimming around in my head and hopefully produce a few items to sell in my Madeit and Etsy shops and The Sweets Workshop.
So, in my 'days off' when all the kids are out of the house, I've been having sporadic frenzies of printing and sewing in between school runs, housework and errands, and finally have a few little wristlets and purses in my shops.

I had such lovely positive feedback about my 'lights' print late last year that I thought I'd start with a run of it. I love how the ink sits on the linen in this design, adding a translucency to the design. Matching fabrics, colours and details like little jute ribbon tabs is all so satisfying.

And of course I get to design and use some little labels too, which I aways enjoy. Give me a bit of string and some cardboard and I'm happy ;-)


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  1. Great to hear everything has settled down and you're getting back into screen printing YAY! Love your labels :)


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