Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Gocco workshop

Recently I had the good fortune of being invited to do a Gocco printing workshop by Emma and John at The Sweets Workshop along with my buddy Lamina from Do A Bit. We spent a lovely Sunday morning learning about and playing with this iconic little machine.

Emma and John were great teachers, very patient and helpful. And you can see the current exhibition 'Home' by Beth Taylor on at The Sweets Workshop there behind John and I - such a lovely backdrop!

I printed cards in my 'coffee boy' design. It was fun to see it on lots of different card colours and finishes. I'm working on some screen printed items using the coffe boy design so it was fun to see it in a different format

It's been ages since I've printed on anything apart from fabric so it was nice to have a change. I can see how one of these little machines would come in really handy when you're wanting to print invitations in particular. I'd love to have one tucked away for those times. Sadly I hear they're not being made anymore but I live in hope of stumbling across one in a charity shop one day!

Later this month Emma and John are hosting an exhibition of Gocco prints which Lamina and I will be part of. I'll keep you posted :-)


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