Monday, May 20, 2013

Me Made May 2013 week 2

Me made May 2013 week 2
8. Cropped Briar, 2 piece t-shirt 9. Self-drafted stripey 3/4 sleeve jersey top, Simplicity 2226 skirt  10. Sleeveless Tova  11. Cap sleeve Tova & no-sew scarf  12.  Wiksten Tankno-sew scarf  13. Cropped Briar, 2 piece t-shirt (again!) 14. Sweater slippers

I'm way behind on posting my pics for MMM week 2 (it's almost time for week 3!) but here they are anyway.

What I've noticed in week 2:
- Still not doing well on the skirt/dress front - I only made the effort on one day... oh well! Need to make the Moss Mini but don't have time at the moment :-(
- There's a lot of blue and pink going on, not sure why
- It's getting hard to remember to photograph myself each day but less hard to reach for handmade first. On day 14 I completely forgot to take a pic. It was a pretty boring outfit anyway, so I thought I'd show my latest Sweater slippers (this pair unblogged, see here for previous pair) which I do wear every single day... for hours at a time sometimes. Yep, I love them :-)


  1. It was a pink and blue sorta week. I wouldn't worry about the skirt/dress thing. I can go years without wearing one! :)

  2. Ha. I figured you did what I did one day . . . just caved and slouched in running pants and a tank, as in the day I posted my do-rag for my MMM. You week was very themed!

    Ah, I do skirts because, well, I don't really know. I think I evolved into loving them, but then there are days when I just want a pair of jeans. Though, days I have to teach or be in the department I am in skirts 9 times of 10. So, if you don't wear them often it's no biggie. ;)


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