Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Birthday goodies

Last week I celebrated my birthday and was lucky enough to be given some books that had been on my wish list for a while (I found turning 41 much easier than turning 40 last year, incidentally!)
One of the books is the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect from this one. I thought it may be a good resource book. I also knew there were some patterns included but thought the chance of them being suitable may be remote. How wrong I was!
 The book is cleverly broken down into 5 different projects (dress, blouse, skirt, coat, bag) and then different contributors have designed their take on the Burda pattern. The coat section is my favourite and while I'm not so keen on the Burda version (too girly for me), I love both the classic peacoat version and also the short trendy motorcycle inspired version. I want to make both!
 The book gives instructions on how to adapt the basic pattern to the different versions, which I'm sure I'd love doing.

On inspection I found that the dress is a beautiful cut and something I'd love to try for summer, sans frill.
 And the bag is divine too! Just the update to my bag wardrobe that I need. Ah, so many great projects, so little time ;-)
 Another book I received is the Japanese pattern book Happy Handmade vol 2 kids. This one came from the Mr (what, he actually listens to my ramblings?).
 I love the simple shapes and thing I could get a whole wardrobe full of clothes for the 3 littles if time was no object.
 And I'm sure I could convince at least one of my girls to wear this gorgeous floaty top.

And to top it off I was also given a beautiful hand screen printed tea towel designed and printed by my lovely friend Lamina who thoughtfully noted that the colour scheme would go with my kitchen ;-)


  1. They are such cool books!! No sleep for you for a while I will be up late into the night for ages sewing all those lovely things! :)
    So glad you love the tea towel xxx

  2. Happy birthday - excellent score. Very intrigued to see if you make anything from the Burda book.

  3. ohh you very lucky to get a Lamina original! The books look good but I can't see the bag book?

    Happy birthday again!

  4. Happy Birthday! The Burdastyle book looks interesting. Looking forward to see what you make from it. I've been dropping massive hints that I want a new sewing machine for my birthday...we'll see how I go!

  5. was just looking at the burdastyle book the other day online, sounds like i may have to give it a go. and happy birthday to you!!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes girls!
    And I probably shouldn't be recommending the Burdastyle book when I haven't actually tried any of the patterns but it's hard not to get excited by it ;-)

  7. Hey Jo, happy belated birthday! Nice score on the presents front :) My birthday was last week! No sewing books for me though, I scored a coffee machine. Will have to have you over for a cuppa.........


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