Wednesday, April 10, 2013


After Easter last week we headed out of town for a few days away, meeting up with an old friend of mine and her family. As we all enjoyed being close to nature, watching the kids playing and exploring, it occured to me that what we were doing was adding another layer of memories to our friendship.

There were lots of chats by the fire each night, glass of wine in hand, reminiscing about that time exactly half our lives ago, when as 21 year olds we met at a shared group house and forged the beginning of a lasting friendship. We wondered where our other housemates were now and why it is that some friendships last and others run their course. I basked in that feeling of being with an old friend who knows you so well that things don't need to be explained. For most of our friendship we have lived in different countries, at times not seeing each other for years on end, but when we get together its always fantastic. We now have partners and children and different lives but our friendship endures, and for that I am truly grateful.


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  1. Lovely post Jo, sounds like you had a nice Easter break. Beautiful photos too :)


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