Monday, February 3, 2014

Jacket love

I've been dreaming of jacket patterns lately... which may be due to thoughts of autumn, even though the weather is still pretty hot here. But more likely just that I love jackets and am almost dress and skirted out!! Here are some of the top contenders:

Love the shape and detailing of Burdastyle's Desert Moto Jacket 02/2014 #128

Next, a classic jacket, exactly the sort of basic I need, Burdastyle cropped jacket 01/2011


And now a pattern that I already own and is all cut out and ready to sew, if I could only get over my fear of the scant instructions, Burdastyle Assymetric Jacket 03/2012  Please disregard the bizarre pose/expression - why do they do that?!!

And possibly this one, Burdastyle Crossover Blazer 06/2012... though not with this styling! Again, why?!! Best to go look at a real one like this.


And, last but not least (the only non-Burdastyle, for some reason) Vogue V8601 riding jacket. I saw and tried on a beautiful version of this pattern at a lovely little sewing shop in my very own suburb (unusual!) that unfortunately didn't survive :-( The owner wouldn't sell me the pattern or the jacket unfortunately, and when I search for this pattern online it has the dreaded OOP (out of print) after it... I have looked high and low for a good while now for this lovely classic pattern with a twist, but alas have yet to find a copy... It looks a bit weird in this drawing (don't they always) but you can see one of the lovely versions here. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please put me out of my misery and let me know.

Do you have any jacket patterns on your 'to do' list? Of course I could always try another Minoru, it's still my all-time favourite make, but the opportunity for something different is urging me along :-)


  1. Oh, a real jacket! I can see you in all of these - best get sewing!
    I am intending (hoping!) to make myself a Pavot and and Anise - bought some wool/poly blend fabric at Spotlight a few months ago - on sale for $3/m - reduced from $30! Actually washed it yesterday so it is ready to go :-)

    1. Wow Justine, $3/m can't go wrong! I've considered the Pavot too but I'm in more need (want :-) of a short jacket. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  2. Love the moto jacket! I bought one Burdastyle jacket pattern but it has defeated me - only one paragraph of instructions and my pattern pieces didn't fit on the fabric as shown in their picture!?! It was all too much for me - I'm sure you'll do much better :)

    1. Oh no, that sounds like my experience Renee, totally daunting. Having to add all of the seam allowances did my head in! What a shame, they have so many great looking patterns.


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