Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I won! Now for some action...

I've been thinking quite a lot about knitting lately... I know lots of people love it and are absolutely addicted to it (are you one?).

Apart from the odd little bit of playing around I've never quite gotten into knitting. But I think it might do me good, slow me down a little with the obsessive making. Part of the reason I love sewing so much is the instant gratification - I can run up a new piece of clothing quite quickly (albeit at times very dodgy quality!). But it's not restful, relaxing and almost meditative as I hear knitting can be. It would be nice to enjoy the journey a bit more rather than rushing to the destination, if you know what I mean. And getting to work with beautiful wools sounds divine.

So... when I saw that Kate from the lovely blog Foxs Lane had a competition running to win a beginners knitting pack from Knit Knit, I jumped in and entered, thinking that if, by some slim chance, I actually won it would be my sign to get cracking. And guess what, I actually won! (you can see Kate's hubby modelling here).

The pack includes absolutely everything I need to get started and the pattern is for a beautiful hooded scarf in a gorgeous kiwi fruit green coloured wool. And this, just after my post on the colour green! Another sign, surely! One of the things I love about the project is that it's not a regular scarf, so I won't be having flashbacks to the scratchy acrylic one I made years and years ago - this is lovely 100% wool and a beautiful style. And I'm already imagining mini versions for the kids with little pom poms attached around the hood - whoa! I'd better walk before I can run!

So thank you Kate and Knit Knit. Now I just need to push those ideas of instant gratification aside and embrace a new rhythm to my making. I'll keep you posted, but give me some time, OK ;-)


  1. Congratulations :)
    Yay for knitting... I love it though I'm not that good at it! And it is It's great for relaxing and you can pick it up do a bit here and there when you ahve a few spare minutes... Hmmm I mush get cracking on some too or winter will be over before I finish anything! Love that colour green... it is a sign :)

  2. Thanks Lumina! Good point about the picking up and putting down - can't do that so much with sewing. What are you knitting? x

  3. Hooray! I'm so pleased it finally arrived Jo!
    I was a tiny bit worried about the needles breaking.
    Sorry about the delay again.
    I hope you love it and find it as relaxing as I do.
    I look forward to watching your hoodie come together.

  4. The pack couldn't really have found a better home. Hope you enjoy the knitting. I find it incredibly calming - especially when I need to take my mind of things.


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