Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wayols and Ligas and other stuff

This motherhood gig is hard at times. But you knew that already. And it's only the little stuff I'm talking about! No catastrophies here at the moment, just everyday annoyances.

I'm feeling guilty today for yelling at my big girl this morning for playing instead of getting ready for school. It's not her fault that I have 2 other littlies to get ready, that I can't find any shoes that fit no. 2 and that no. 3 is still running around bare bottomed when we have to go NOW! Or that I'm tired because I stayed up too late working on a dress for her birthday that I'm not even sure if she'll like. Or that I subsequently woke up late and so now have no time to have my morning sanity-saver coffee before rushing to school... arghh! Does it sometimes feel hard to hold all the little things together for you too? Those flash points during the day can get me down.

But then I look at her gorgeous drawings and first attempts to spell. And marvel at her sense of imagination: "what's a Liga sweetie?" a shrug of the shoulders and "half lion, half tiger, mum" of course. My heart melts and all the little things don't matter.

It's a shame it's so hard at times to not 'sweat the small stuff'. I read blogs of women with older children and shudder at the things I'll need to deal with in time to come. So I try to tell myself to relax and enjoy the here and now, even if I'm not having a wayol of a time (haa haa). And make sure I get that coffee early ;-)

PS. Have a look at what Trula has done with her drawing sessions with her daughter - too cute!


  1. Those drawings and name are just too cute! I find the morning rush to get to school incredibly stressful also. And yes, I probably should have got to bed earlier also!

  2. Awww... LOVE those drawing... adorable!!! I just love little people's imagination.. so cool!!

    Luckily there are loads of good things that happen to make the not so good things fade into the background!

    Hey it was great to see you today.. even if it was only brief .. kids ha ha ha :)

  3. Thanks Lumina, great to see you too , I only wish we'd been able to have a proper conversation... ah, conversations, remember those ;-) And I keep meaning to say Happy Birthday (for ages ago)to your lovely boy x

  4. ha ha ha... memories....sigh!! I'm still learning the art of stuffing a full conversation into 2 min (that's if I'm lucky)!
    Thanks for b'day wishes.. I can't believe he's 2 now!! Love it!


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