Monday, October 17, 2011

KCWC: big sister's turn

It was big sister's turn for some new clothes after the little girl scored a new dress, skirt and top (whether wanted or not!) from my KCWC sewing. Thankfully, this girl is easily pleased, just happy to be getting something new and some attention from mama too, I think ;-)

Same peasant top, sans tie, and repurposed skirt (I had 2 women's denim skirts waiting to be re-used).

I love how prettily the fabric sits in this style, just as nicely as it does for the little girl's dress. I'll be sad when it's all gone.

Well, I'm glad KCWC is over again, I did get through a few things on my list but missed others. I'd still like to make a wrap dress for the big girl and maybe some shorts for the boy, but they can wait. (The boy did get something, I'll show you soon).

Next up I would like to sew a summer kimono-style t-shirt for myself before I get onto my sewing for the craft stall at the annual school fete, but I'll see how I go... there's a house that needs cleaning, clothes that need folding and people that need feeding first, shame about that ;-)


  1. You've done well Jo! Love that purple fabric too - score :)

  2. They look great :) I just love that pretty purple fabric too!


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