Monday, October 10, 2011

KCWC prep

I wanted to be really organised for KCWC this time. So yesterday, with the girls out with their dad and the boy having his lunchtime sleep, I sat down with my sketch pad and worked out a plan including on the list:
repurposed denim skirt for big girl
• wrap dress for big girl
pillowcase dress for little girl
• peasant top for little girl
• shorts for boy

I collected my pile of fabrics, elastics, threads etc and was feeling very organised... only to have the girls come home, see the pile of fabrics and start requesting different things altogether!

Oh well, I think I'll just start tonight and see how I feel...

Hopefully I'll be checking in here with something to show in the next couple of days.

Let me know if taking part in KCWC too.


  1. Wow! So ambitious! I am hoping to participate this week, but October is a very busy month for me, so I may not actually achieve an hour a day of sewing. But, if I do, I will make some corduory pants for my little boy, and maybe a Sailboat Top in knit, for a little fall ensemble ... we'll see!

  2. I wish I could, but can't even do an hour a night this week. Shocker. Looking forward enormous to living the week vicariously through you darl! xx


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