Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That bloggy black hole

* This post is interspersed with images from the 'Love Lace' exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

I came across a final blog post recently on a craft blog and at first I thought how sad it was that they were finishing, but then I thought again...

We hear about that great big online black hole that contains all the discontinued blogs. Of course each blog needs to end up there some day. You can't keep going forever, I guess?!

I've always wondered how long I will go on with my blog, and whether I will feel I've failed when I'm done. As with a lot of craft/mum bloggers I don't have a hard and fast plan for blogging, I just do it because I like connecting with the online community (you ;-), it encourages me to be creative and it adds another aspect to my life at the moment. All of this is bound to change sooner or as my life moves on and changes.

But I don't mean to sound negative... I found it fascinating how the author of that post explained that her blog used to sustain her in many ways but because her life has moved on it now holds her back... it just doesn't serve her needs anymore. When I look at blogs that have endured (Soulmama's an example) they have obviously evolved and changed, and the authors freely admit to ups and downs, ebbs & flows, which is just like life in general.

So I guess that made me relax and think that I'll just do it while I enjoy it, and when the day comes that it doesn't feel right then that's the time to move on.

Do you have a plan or do you just 'go with the flow'?


  1. You had me a bit worried there.. Phew... I'm glad your blog isn't going into the bloggy black hole.. hooray!!
    It is quite sad when you come across great blogs that are no more... makes you wonder what they are up to now! I had a blog for my little man (now private) for two years and I was quite sad when I decided to end it but it was just time to move on and start a something new for me... a creative blog! I think change can be a great thing :)

    ps. love the photos from love lace!

  2. I guess it just comes down to the individual's need and wants from a blog.
    I have to make the effort and get to Love Lace , particularly since I seem to have picked up a doily addiction recently!

  3. For every thing there is a season. The way I blog has changed. I used to blog much more and then I realised it was taking too much of my precious time so I cut back and now I feel no pressure at all. When there's no pressure you have a sustainable model.

  4. Far out you gave me a heart attack - I thought you were quitting and I was totally instantly geared up to talk you back!!!!! For me, blogging for 2 and a half yrs now, I feel totally fluid about it. It doesn't owe me anything, and it connects me in an awesome way, I'm quite sure I won't be blogging in 10 yrs time but that's OK too. It's an awesome written record of right now, right? When they're so little and this time could fly past us without us remembering any of it.


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