Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent failures

After my Minoru post where many lovely people said how clever they thought I was (thank you - you're good for my ego ;-), I thought I'd post some recent failures, just to show you that while I have some successes with my creativeness, there sure are plenty of less than perfect things happening here on a regular basis.

Take these biscuits for example. Or don't. They were awful. I'd had some ripe bananas laying around and thought "I'll just chop them up and throw them into this tried and trusted recipe, and add some flour to stabilise it. They'll be beautiful for the kids' afternoon tea and a snack for me and my friend". Hmm, they turned out bland, dry and tasteless. The kids ate them of course - anything sweet and cake-like they'll eat, but they were so awful that I refused to let my friend try them...

And this sewing effort. I'd had a cute tutorial pinned for ages and finally got around to trying it. When I started I confidently thought "I'll make lots of these for the school fete, some for friends, for the kids. It'll be my go-to handmade gift of choice". Until I realised the need to sew a perfect circle was crucial to the outcome and ended up not enjoying the process at all - and it looked terrible at the end, all wonky and uneven with awful seams showing. Oh well. Scrap that idea!

Can't win 'em all I guess! Got to take the good with the bad... And all those other cliches ;-)


  1. I love "the kids ate them" comment - Sounds like mine would do!

  2. What a bummer!!! I hate it when things don't turn out like you think they will in your head! Such a pity about the circle pouch.. it is still really cute! oh well! :)

  3. bah... you can't win them all. The ear bud pouch is really cute though. And it matches my new zipped pouch...

    And don't talk about kitchen failures. Everytime I try a yoghurt cake I get a fail... I'm thinking I'll blame the brand of yoghurt I'm using... In the meantime, I've got a friend with some well fed chooks!


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