Friday, April 27, 2012

KCWC day 4

Yesterday for day 4 I made another Urban Unisex Hoodie for my boy. I cut out the fabric during his nap, then did the sewing after the kids had gone to bed... I think I've KCWC'd myself out, so tonight I'm giving myself the night off :-)

This one's another mish-mash of thrifted and new fabrics, with a yellow and grey colour scheme that I seem to be addicted to at the moment... and everywhere we went this morning we seemed to come across more yellow and grey, which made for a few photo opportunities.

I did longer sleeves and hem this time, but the sleeves annoyed him (hence the rolling up in the shot above) and the hem looks a bit long and weird, so this one is in for a few minor adjustments.

On the whole though I like it and it sure is an easy wear style for an active kid. The first one seems to have washed up well and I think if I can get a third one made (half cut out) then he'll almost be set for cooler weather tops. I'm definitely feeling a bit over it though, which I guess is the down side of making yourself sew each night. And I just can't get out of my head the Tova I want to make for myself... can't wait for more selfish sewing ;-)
 Have a lovely weekend, and if you've been doing KCWC, have a nice rest!


  1. Wow you are really on a roll! you deserve a night off :)

    LOVE the colour combo on this very cool little top! He's looking like a very cool dude!

  2. Love the colour combo too. And it looks so comfy.

  3. this is great! i really need this pattern, i think :)

  4. Another awesome hoodie! Well done! I do love the grey and yellow together. After sewing two of these up in a row, I'd need a break too! I have to alternate more difficult projects with easy ones, and even so I'm starting to flag ...

  5. Great colours and great snaps of your boy.

  6. I love the colours too. I think I need to check this pattern out!

  7. Everyone in blog land is making me want this pattern sooo bad! I think I'll have to get it! Love the grellow (grey-yellow) combo, it's one of my favourites too. And you're right, after all the KCWC sewing it's time for some selfish sewing :)


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