Monday, October 18, 2010

90 minute shirt

Now that my self-imposed sewing ban is over - the pantry no longer looks like someone has thrown the food in, our clothes are all folded and neat(ish) in the wardrobes and the mountains of washing are under control, I can get back into sewing - yay!

And just in time - I have volunteered to make some crafty things to sell at the big girl's school fete, so will be busy with that soon - once I decide what to make.

Sneaking something in before then though, I've been dying to do the '90 minute shirt' tutorial from Made, so tried this on the weekend. Did you spot my new "Next on my sewing machine" button over there on the right? I'm hoping to keep it updated and to streamline all of that stuff on the right. I now know why bloggers end up with lots of categories and sub-categories - there's so much inspiring stuff out there on the net!

Anyway, the 90 minute shirt came together well and I got to use a few funky colours together. I generally avoid re-threading my overlocker (serger) whenever possible. Last time it to 40 precious kid-free minutes to get the next colour working right - arghh! So I left the red on, which I was happy with as a little detail.

Now to get all the other red-friendly projects finished before I have to change the *%#@ thread again!


  1. Wow, cool top. I am terrified by overlockers but I think I need to just get over it. Look at the cool stuff you can make!

  2. I agree it seems a bit scarey at first, Miss Smith, but it gets addictive pretty quickly!


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