Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spaces for kids

Our house is pretty small. Not necessarily by inner Sydney standards, but in terms of housing 5 people and 2 cats it is. Which is different to the scenario when we moved in almost 7 years ago and there were 2 people (who were mostly out working) and one sleepy cat. So I'm always looking for ways to rearrange our spaces to make them work better.

Lately I've been thinking about letting the kids take over a bit more space. In the past we've tried to keep the lounge room from looking too much like a kindy, but I decided to add a little 'reading corner' the other day using our existing furniture and giving more space up to the kids' books.

So it went from this...

to this...

I took the rattan circular chair out of the bedroom and put it here, as they love playing in it (it spins right around so they push each other around), added the comfy rug, some cushions and more book storage. They immediately took to it and love having a soft place to lie and look at their books.

I'm thinking of framing more of their artwork and hanging it.

And this is a cushion I made for the big girl when she started to read... 2 more to make now, an "A" and another "M".


  1. what a lovely space for kids (and I love the pillows and the framed kids art, too!)

    Greetings from Finland,

  2. the framed artwork looks fabulous - I have to do that. xx


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