Friday, September 9, 2011

A day off school = craft time!

School was closed yesterday so I had my big girl at home with me and my boy (it was little girl's preschool day). I took them on my errands for the morning and along the way we popped in to a local thrift shop for a peek and had one one those rare lucky days where everyone found something they loved:
• paper weaving kit for big girl
• Eric Carle ABC book for little boy (with a bit of help from mama ;-),
• sparkly bracelet for little girl in her absence (can't leave her out!)
• pair of jeans for me, an old favourite style - Lee Rider low rise flares
• and
a huge length of heavy cream cotton, perfect for screen printing practice and making tea towels - yay!
The morning was off to a good start. We then dropped in to a local cafe for a milkshake and coffee and finished the chores before the boy's tiredness set in and ended in a tantrum!

When I'd asked big girl if there was anything she wanted to do for the day she did a little jump and said "craft!" of course! She mentioned this cute project that I'd had pinned for a while, so we set to...

She drew and painted...

and I did the cutting...

...and we got there in the end.

I'll admit that there was a bit of angst and frustration on my part. I don't seem to be able to complete a single craft project with the kids without getting a little frustrated or stressed at some point. Is it just me or do you too? Come on, make me feel better and say you do ;-)

Anyway, she was pretty happy with the outcome. If we made it again I'd make a few structural modifications, but still, a nice crafty afternoon regardless.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. What a great way to spend the day off school. Clever creation.

  2. What a fab little craft project! It looks like she had great fun! I get a bit frustrated too and we are only at the stage of "M" learning to cut with scissors!!! Help! :)


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