Friday, September 2, 2011

Sewing makes me happy

... I guess that's obvious to you if you're a regular reader of my blog.

Last night after putting the littlies to bed I made this bag, repurposing an old baby sling for the outer (complete with elephant patch) and some grass green linen for the lining. I had bought both from thrift shops and this made it all the better - taking something unused and unwanted and turning it into (hopefully) something that will delight a littlie and be used to carry around all sorts of important treasures.

A while ago, when I was feeling tired, I think I'd been sick and I had been doing a lot of sewing, I realised I needed a break. So I decided not to sew for about 10 days. I thought it would be great, a proper rest each evening rather than my usual "right, which project shall I work on tonight" thought. I could catch up on things I'd been neglecting and just relax. But what I found was that I soon started to feel a bit lost, I missed the challenge, the problem solving, the overall enjoyment that it gave me - it made me happy.

I find satisfaction in my everyday life of caring for my family, but it can also be quite one dimensional. I think that's where sewing fits in for me personally - it fills a gap in some small way. It's a creative outlet, a challenge. And that feeling of making something useful is so satisfying.

So now I don't deny myself a bit of sewing when I feel it 'calling' me. Even if that means that something else gets left. Because I know I'll come away from it feeling happy. And a happy mama is a good mama, right? ;-)


  1. It's gorgeous! And I miss sewing for that reason exactly. x

  2. I feel the same way! I have a full time job that uses my brain in one way, then I have my home and mom duties, which work me in a different way, but I also need sewing, which challenges me in different directions. And I find it soothing to work with my hands instead of my head for a change (although I admit, if you fall too deeply into soothing-hand mode, you make big ol' mistakes!).

  3. I completely agree too!! I am a much happier person/mum when I have a few creative projects on the go! I think I might so slightly mental if I wasn't doing something creative :)

    Love re-using old fabric into something new... the little messanger bag is great and the elephant patch is so cute!

  4. I love the addition of the elephent print.
    And I totally understand the "calling".

  5. I feel that way about sewing too. At the moment all my creative energy is going into cooking for my son's special diet, and it's nice for a change. However, it does nothing for my wardrobe, and I miss the chance create something just for me me me.


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