Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Abuela's Table - an inspiration

Recently I came across a beautiful cookbook called My Abuela's Table, an illustrated journey into mexican cooking. I then stumbled upon the lovely story of the book, and thought you might be interested in seeing a few pages from it, if you don't already know of it.

I was drawn to this book for it's absolutely charming illustrations.

As a cookbook, although it's not particularly heavy on vegetarian recipes, it has so much character that it intrigued me (and made me laugh - see below). Interspersed with the recipes are personal touches like old family photos and stories. The book has such a lovely personal feel that you feel privileged to be allowed a look into her world... which is about a million miles away from the many slick, faceless cookbooks out there.

When I snooped around online I found that the writer/illustrator, Daniela Germain, is a Melbourne woman who produced the book as a student for her end of year project. This was then taken on and produced by a publisher! Any art or design student would be absolutely thrilled for this to happen to them. More details on her story here.

And little did I know that I'd already seen and admired Daniella's blog I bought a pair of Camper boots and now I am broke.

It's so nice to hear a lovely story like this. It kind of restores my faith in the big bad world!

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  1. I've had my eye on that book for a while now! It is such a great and inspiring story, hey!! I just love her illustrations too... they are gorgeous! It's so good to hear a happy story every now and then :)


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