Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bag making plans

In my creative space today I've been choosing fabrics to combine to make some kids messenger bags using the pattern I drafted a while ago.

I'm hoping to have a bag making evening tonight and get one or two made, providing the little people sleep, that is!

Included will be one for my boy (who keeps pinching his sisters') and one for his little buddy, providing it works how I envisage it. I enjoy putting fabrics together and get a kick out of a combination that works well... but then sometimes I get it on the machine and it just doesn't look right - know what I mean?

I'm also hoping to start on a new bag of my own using this blue and red, one of my favourite colour combos at the moment.

Fingers crossed for a fun evening of bag making (yeh, I don't get out much ;-)

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  1. nice fabrics you've got there! have fun sewing and i hope the bags turn out just as you imagined them :)

  2. Fabrics are gorgeous. Do you have a tutorial or pattern available to purchase to make the bags, my granddaughters would love them?

  3. I love your fabric combinations... I think they'll look fab! I need to have a big bag sewing session too... desperately! :)

  4. Great fabric combos .... hope you get some time to sew!

  5. They are going to look gorgeous, I love your colour combos!

  6. something priceless about a quiet night of making! fingers crossed that you get one. love the combos you have lined up :)

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments everyone.

    Kathy - I don't have a pattern available at the moment but I'm hoping to put some bags in my long neglected Etsy shop soon. I've also been thinking about offering the bag as a pattern one day, just baulking at all the work involved in getting it done!


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