Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids messenger bag

Thank you for all your lovely comments over the weekend on my blogiversary, it's really nice to 'meet' some more of you who read my blog. People sometimes say to me that they feel shy about leaving comments for one reason or another, but I'd always encourage you to - even just to say 'hi', all of your comments are always so appreciated.

Today I thought I'd show you a kids messenger bag made for a sweet little friend recently (and this is one of the items in my giveaway). I love making these bags, and all bags really, but these especially.

I think this is about the 6th I've made. Before our holiday last year I made up a pattern based on what I thought would be useful and went from there, making one each for the girls. It was fun, in a nerdy sewing kinda way, to work out how to sandwich all of the layers together and make it work.

They tend to take one evening to make (unless something goes wrong!) and are pretty straightforward. I fully line them to give some strength and durability, add velcro for the closure and sometimes a little pocket inside. I've thought about adding extra details (adjustable strap, snap closure etc) but I think for little hands the simplicity of this design is better.

I enjoyed seeing the girls use them their bags on holiday and then over and over again. So now I sometimes make them as gifts, like this one.

Next up I must make my boy one. He keeps stealing the girls' bags and wearing them around the house, so I'll take that as a hint ;-). Though I may have to wait til my fabric buying freeze is over as there's not much in the way of boy-ish fabric in there!

I should really make myself a new bag too - the nappy bags I made almost 2 years ago for my boy's birth are looking extremely tatty now. Ah, so many bags, so little time!

* The fabric I've used on the outside is my falling-off-the-stash-bustin'-wagon fabric, so I daren't add it to my Stash bustin' tally over there on the right (hee hee). But hey, at least the inside was stash ;-)

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  1. Such a cute little bag and I especially love that fabric.. gorgeous!! I'm sure the little frien would absolutely love it :)


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