Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mittens for my kittens

My big girl came home from school yesterday complaining of cold hands and I suddenly had a flash-back to my school days when we were stuck outside during breaks, the cold winds blowing onto cold little bodies.

I knew that sewing her some gloves would be beyond me, at least in the short term. They'd need too much testing, too many prototypes, and she'd be asleep when I made them, unable to be my model. So mittens it was.

Before she went to bed I traced her hand for size, then searched for a few tutorials online, settling on one with separate thumb pieces. Having no polar fleece that came even close to the school blue I just went with some bright and warm-looking colours and chose red for the tops and magenta for the underside pieces. Once I got my head around the construction of the thumb pieces the first pair was quick and easy but... way way too small!

I then upsized the pieces and they looked better. I figured I could say the little ones are for her little sister, who would have been outraged if she'd been left out, even though she doesn't have to hang around in a cold school playground. They were too small even for her though! Anyway, she was pleased to have some of her own, too small or not ;-)

I finished then off with some ribbing to stop the cold air going up and that's it. No seam finishings or embellishments, but ready for school this morning. Motherly anxiety eased!

* All fabrics from the stash, so another for the stash bustin' tally, yay!

OK, you can take a photo mum, if you must!


  1. They're the coolest! or the warmest! Your cleverness never ceases to amaze me. xx

  2. Ahh, too kind as usual, Mrs Pickle! Hope you're keeping warm there too xx

  3. Love the mittens... they are really cute! What a great little pattern too :)

  4. fantastic Jo - they look great!

  5. I need a few pairs of these, we are the house of frozen fingers that get forced to scoot to school!


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