Thursday, June 9, 2011

My creative space: noticeboard

Just a quickie today so I can go and finish the project pictured below, a noticeboard for my big girl to hang in her bedroom and use. There's a healthy amount of mother guilt going on behind this... my grumpiness made her cry at school drop off this morning :-( Oh dear, must try harder. Hope you are having a less grumpy day/week.

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  1. Love the fabric your using.. very cool :) I'm sure they will love it :)

  2. How retro is that fabric - fantastic! Oh, we all have our grumpy days - we're not superhuman :-P although as mums we do try to be, at times. I'm sure your big girl will love this.

  3. Very nice fabric and a great idea. I bought my daughter some pinboard pins from Smiggle the other day, erm forgetting that she has no pinboard... I see a creative space coming up inspired by yours!

    BTW... so many mornings I see my two off to school with a flea in their ear about something ... it's a wonder they come back home in the evening LOL!!!!

  4. that looks super cool! dont worry, we all have our off days! Im sure she has made you cry once or twice!!!! x

  5. I've had school drops off like that too ... that mother's guilt is a brutal thing. Hope the noticeboard is wee recieved, the cheery colours are delightful :)


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