Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stash guilt dress

To quell some of my guilt about recently adding to my stash I made this dress for my little girl the other night. I knew the fabric would make a fabulous dress - all cotton, good drape, hard wearing and with a cute animal print (including some Australian animals!).

And luckily my girl thinks it's good too. She wouldn't let me take a shot of it without her in. And as soon as I'd finished she put it on - for the 2nd day in a row!

I cut a pattern from a dress she already has that fits well. It is a simple 2 sided sleeveless dress with buttons (don't know what this style is called?). It has a facing on the back and front and that's it. Pretty simple but effective. I did consider putting pockets on it but at midnight I decided to declare it a day and be happy with what I had rather than turn it into a more complex project.

She's wearing it with long sleeved t-shirts and leggings in the cooler weather, and if it still fits in warmer weather I think she could wear it alone.

So, quick and easy for me, a hit with the little girl... maybe the stash busting lapse was not such a bad thing afterall ;-) Hope you're having a good Tuesday.


  1. That is such a CUTE little dress!! I love how she has worn it second day in a row.. so so so sweet...Yay!!

  2. GREAT frock! I love the 'just cut a pattern from another dress' business, you are so in another league. Hope it's filed for the forthcoming pattern book you are producing?! Sorry not to see you this weekend, talk next week xxx

  3. Thanks girls!

    Fi you could easily cut a pattern from an existing one - it might sound daunting, but when you look at most garments they're pretty straightforward. But maybe I should just shut up and let you keep thinking I'm clever ;-)

  4. The dress is really cute! You've inspired me to try and make a pattern from a skirt that I have that I love wearing. I keep thinking that it can't be that hard to do really! Just need to stop thinking about it and do it!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!


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